Tip: Soda Stream

Space on board is ALWAYS at a premium. So when it comes time to provision for Sundowners we generally buy too little or do without. Drinks in particular weigh a lot and don’t always justify the effort involved in carting and storing on board.

Enter the simple Soda Stream. Not only will it provide you with soft drinks (and of course soda water) but can double for other unique beverages.

  1. White wine becomes sparkling wine for the monthly chicken and champagne breakfast.
  2. Green teas and fruit infusions become interesting Sundowner non alcoholic delights (particularly useful on longer passages when alcohol is not an option).
    1. Try combinations like berry fruits and mint, fresh apple green tea and lemon peel. The choices are endless.
  3. Got some vodka and you want to give it some flavour ? Add any peel, tea, leave or herb and add it to the vodka in one the bottles provided (they handle the pressure). Cap, pressurise, shake (GENTLY) and wait for 15 minutes. Release pressure and strain into a large jug. Stir out gas and PRESTO….flavoured booze. Perfect for mixing or adding to Sangria’s etc etc etc . The gas pressure forces flavour out into the surrounding liquid – pressure infusion.

Happy Mixing !!!!


Bruce Florance

IT professional based in Brisbane, Australia. m/v Mimosa Supporting the BBB's since I lived and worked for a short period of time on the island of Alderney in the beautiful Channel Islands.

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