The start of a new series.

Today we start the new series. We begin to turn a small weekend 26ft catamaran into a live-aboard cruiser for two. 

‘A-Roamer’ is a Wharram Tiki 26. 26ft long and 15ft wide. She has now been in the family for 28 years after my parents built her in 1989. 

After 3 great years of owning her myself. I have now decided to take her south. Down to Spain and Portugal. These climates we can really take advantage of her deck space and shallow draught. 

Lucie (my partner) and I have talked about this plan for a year now. How we could afford to save enough money, buy a boat and fit it out to become live-aboards. 

The conversation was always looking towards getting a bigger boat which was expensive. When one day Lucie said. ‘Why don’t we take ‘A-Roamer’ ? She’s a bit small I know but she is a great boat and may save us a lot of money than trying to save for a bigger boat!’

This was music to my ears. My search for a bigger boat in many ways was to try and up the comfort to try and keep her happy and keen to do the trip. With her happy to take little ‘A-Roamer’ meant the trip might actually happen,  lots of money saved and using the boat I know so well.

We have made plans, budgets. Saving Goals. To work though the summer, and now winter in Alderney to get the boat ship shape, money saved, all ready for the end of May 2018 where we will cast off the boring lines for Spain. 

So. I bring you back to the title of this post.

The Start of a new series. 

A Series where we work on a minimal budget, using what skills and knowledge of the boat design we have to turn a 26ft weekend sailing boat into a 26ft cruiser.

This will become home.

During this series we will bring you maintenance updates, share our design goals along with our cruising necessities. What will it take to be comfortable ?

The Galley in the port hull. Has worked well but maybe some careful planning to cleverly use the space to fit more in.
The accommodation. Nice and cosy for 2!
This is what were working with. This beauty of a little boat will be home next year.


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