A Roamer pre summer work

The summer is coming and we have had a lot of message asking what seasonal work needs doing to the boats before the coming summer.

Wooden Boats Take Time

A Roamer being built by wood does seem to be a never ending battle against rot. The hulls  are built with marine ply and are sound. I have had hardly any problems in the past with any water damage with the hulls. The beams and stringers on the other hand are built with pine and have a tendency to rot over a couple of years. Cracks form in the fiberglas layer and water gets soaked in, without anywhere for the water to go the pine is sat damp, slowly rotting away. 

Last winter I took apart all of the beams and rebuilt them with douglas fur, hoping that this will slow down the process. This year I have noticed a couple of cracks in the fiberglass from where the moisture is starting to get in, I have caught it early and grinded and filled before they became a problem. So I am hoping not to have to do any wood work this season. 

I have put together a list of jobs that I aim to get done before launch. Not all important, but things that will make sailing A Roamer much more comfortable and enjoyable. 
New seat covers- we do a lot of socializing on board A Roamer, but without seat covers it’s not the most comfortable place to sit for hours.

Make helming seat- Helming for hours sitting sideways on to where your heading (hurts the neck after a while). A helming seat facing forward would make sailing much more comfortable.

Rig up 12v fan system into each hull to keep air movement to prevent damp

Fit wind generator- we have had many problems with this last year but I think it’s fixed now. Bring on the cold beer! 

Fit new tiller autopilot- ordered, delivered and waiting to be fitted, going to make life so much easier not having to spend every minute at the tiller. 

Spray cover- A Roamer is a very wet sailing boat. This year I hope to minimize the amount of water coming in by making a cover over the cockpit.
We arrive back to Alderney on the 2nd May and cannot wait to start the work on A Roamer and  to get her ready for spring! If you see us working on the boat please come and say hello! We always have cold beer in the fridge and a near boiling kettle.

See you on the water! 



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