Making that decision to go.

What an amazing summer it has been. Lots of sunshine, lots of boat days, but never enough time on the water. 

How can we fix this?

Easy! We leave our ‘normal jobs’ and head off into the horizon. A dream I personally have had for years!

A few major things on the check list are needed to do this. 

Boat- Not ‘comfortable sailing’ but she sails well and is safe. 

Money- Not Much, enough to maybe last a few months living cheap + a backup haul-out kitty incase we need to head home and leave the boat.

The freedom to sail off- We are in a lucky position to set sail because of the awesome little boat we have. So I either urge you to make that commitment to get yourself afloat. Or if your not in the position to. Then come cruising with us. Support our journey and become a Barefoot Boat Bum by following the adventure.

With excepting none of the boxes will be fully ticked. We have had a few thoughts on summer 2018s plans. 

The main idea of this trip is to NOT HAVE A PLAN. To head to a warmer climate, living cheaply on the sea and exploring this amazing world we live on. 

As I mentioned before our budget is slim. Catching fish and eating cheaply will get us by. No eating out or spending valuable kitty on tourist attractions.

We plan to leave at the end of May, beginning of June. The idea being for us to arrive in La Coruña by June 23rd for the famous San Juan festival. 

An incredible festival in Galicia- Northern Spain where you celebrate life. Loads of live music and people purifying their souls by jumping over one of the thousands of fires lit along the beaches. 

The festival is huge over Galicia. Especially in La Coruña where we plan to go.

After that, we explore down the coast of Spain and Portugal until we either run out of money or Find somewhere to spend the winter. 

We plan to document every bit of our journey.

From converting the boat from a weekend boat into a cruiser- Home for two. To researching exciting places to go. To finally the trip next year where we show you exactly what YOU can get involved in by MAKING THAT DECISION TO GO!

Is there somewhere on the Atlantic coast of Spain/Portugal where you recommend we visit?


2 thoughts on “Making that decision to go.

  • October 27, 2017 at 17:30

    We went to the very southern tip of Portugal (not on a boat) but desperately wished we had one! Astonishingly lovely weather, great food (the area is known for its shellfish) and lovely friendly people! Try Ria de Formosa and Olhao 🙂

  • October 27, 2017 at 19:59

    A possible first wintering spot could be the Guadiana River between Alcoutim (Portugal) and Sanlucar (Spain). Neil and I spent 3 months here in the summer last year. Many boaties, a lot of them Brits, winter there. Anchoring is free. There are small pontoons on each side which in the summer is restricted to a week at a time (we paid €7 a night on the Alcoutim side). Alcoutim has free showers and a laundrette and they both have water on the pontoons and food shops in the villages as well as cafes, bars and restaurants. A cheap possibility although you will need a fan heater as it does get chilly. A family we met on a boat up there have spent a couple of winters there and you can read more on their blog – Alternatively, before the river is Alvor a village on a sheltered lagoon next to the larger town/marina of Lagos on the Algarve. We spent a month in Alvor, anchored for free, both after coming in and out of the marina for our wintering. Great for a catamaran as it can be very shallow in places and it is very protected from the sea. However, there were no facilities e.g. showers* and I paid a lot of money to have my laundry done. We did pay on the fishermans quay a nominal sum to fill up our water carriers (no facilities for alongside).


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