Just when we weren’t looking !

Welcome to another great year.

For us…. 2018 is the start of the BIG adventure. Leaving Alderney and sailing down the Atlantic coast past France, Spain and Portugal then perhaps into the wild blue yonder !!!

So over December and Christmas break we had begun to prepare sweet little ARoamer for our big adventure. Got her out of the water and started on the long list of jobs a …. and then …. BAM ! A new boat became available for our BIG adventure.

What to do ?

Well take the bigger boat of course !!!

We would like to re-introduce you all to my grandfathers boat “Ragtime”. Lucie and I are SO EXCITED at having such a sturdy boat under us and some room for creature comforts (don’t tell Lucie, but that noisy energy hungry hair dryer is getting left behind).

So now for an entirely new list of chores with only a few short months to get ready.

Stay tuned for another update in a day or so. Some pics of the tasks at hand and an update on the adventure route.

… Jake & Lucie

Oh…and we have now introduced Lucie’s Seaglass Jewellery creations. Check them out in the shop.


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