Jake Woodnutt – “A Roamer”

Vessel: “A-Roamer”

Type of Vessel: Wharram Tiki 26

How often do you sail ?

During summer I try to get out on the water every single day. In fact, over the last couple of years my partner and I spend most week nights living aboard in beautiful Braye Harbour.

What has been your most favourite voyage ?

Hmm…. Now that is hard to say. the English Channel is an exciting piece of ocean but a short trip to Shelly Beach on the island of Herm is also great. The Bay of Biscay with its dolphins and interesting weather patterns OR the Spanish coastline. They are all incredible. Lets come back to this again next year.

Where to in the 2017 ?

There are several adventures planned and we will keep you up to date with those. But I would love to sail parts of the Mediterranean and of course there is an offer to sail in Moreton Bay just off Brisbane in Australia with one of the BBB members, Bruce Florance. Again, for now lets just concentrate on this years annual BBB Regatta in the Bay of St Malo ! 🙂

Most embarrassing moment ?

Well…..there was this one time in a rib. It ended up involving the RNLI (great bunch of people). That rock came out of no where !!
Anyway….lets just chalk that one up as a learning experience.

When we meet for Sundowners, what is your signature food or beverage ?

Well, to be fair, no one can open a pack of crisps and crack a beer faster than I can but that about sums up my genius in the galley. However, if possible I like to have some of the families pork (Alderney Free Range Pork) available for those special occasions when other boaties drop by for a beer. Thankfully my partner Lucie is a wizz in the galley ! So please stop by when ever we are out and about. We would love to catch up with you and spin yarns over an icy cold bevie.

What would be your ideal boat ?

You can probably tell that I am a fan of the Wharram designed Cats. I would really love the opportunity to build one of the 40 footers for some long term serious blue water adventuring. If I can I plan to blog the entire experience here on Barefoot Boat Bums…including all achievements, frustrations, mistakes and the first sail.


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