Bruce Florance – “Mimosa”

“Mimosa” on her mooring strops in Little Crabby Harbour.

Vessel: “Mimosa”

Type of Vessel: Channel Islands 32

How often do you sail ?

Well not much just at the moment as I am seperated from my pride and joy by some 16000 klm. Something even those 900 litre fuel tanks cant tackle. 🙂 Not long now and she will join me here in Australia. Then I expect to be out pretty much every weekend.

What has been your most favourite voyage ?

Hard to say. There have been a couple over the years. Sailing the Whitsundays here on Australia was amazing as was crusining the Hawkesbury River in New South Wales. And I will never forget a particularly enjoyable weekend sailing between Ormanville in France and Alderney aboard the yacht “Pipedreamer”. The trip home was great fun cruising along with “Ragtime” and “A Roamer”. Everybody knows that when you leave port at the same time it IS an unofficial race home – which “Ragtime” won through some sneaky (yet legitimate) tactics.

Where to in the 2017 ?

This year will be about getting settled into the waters here in Moreton Bay Queensland. Along with a quick trip to Alderney for the annual island celebrations in August. You be sure I will be looking to crew for as many skippers as will have me aboard.

Most embarrassing moment on the water ?

Many many years ago….I was in the Hawkesbury River (NSW, Australia) system meeting up with friends. I left later than they did so had agreed to meet them at the anchorage. I was in a small 18 foot powerboat. Well I arrived just on dusk, rafted up with the larger cruiser and went aboard for sundowners. I ended up staying aboard for the night as it was infinitely more comfortable that my tiny wee vessel. Anyways…in the middle of the night there was a violent rocking as some hoon went past the anchorage pulling a wake like a tsunami. Didn’t think much of it till I got up early the next morning to find my boat gone ! It was on the other side of the bay about 10 minutes away from washing up on the rocks. Fastest tender launch you have ever seen. Still to this day dont know how it managed to get loose.

When we meet for Sundowners, what is your signature food or beverage ?

Cheese and biscuits but mainly drinks. As an ex-bartender I am all about the beverages. If I am flying the BBB pennant be sure to stop by. I ALWAYS have something interesting to imbibe onboard.

What would be your ideal boat ?

Definitely a larger cat. Say around the 43 foot mark. But something similar to a Wharram cat that I can customise myself. I am not so keen on these super pretty GRP boats with set designs and fully integrated cabinetry. Perhaps some form of eco / hybrid power system as well. Electric retractable pod engines have always seemed like a bloody smart idea ??

(I welcome comments on engine choice, maintenance and usefulness)


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