Biscay Calls

“I haven’t seen much of Southern Brittany before, but I definitely will be coming back soon. Maybe even on my own boat” – Me. 2015.

It’s not my boat, but I am Skipper. That is for certain.

We are currently sitting in a little harbour in Sainte Evette, Audierne. I was here 3 years ago aboard Gleda, the Tiki 38 I help Neil and Gail crew for down to Spain. It’s very nice to be back, the place seems so like how I remembered it. Weirdly so, I have never remembered so much about a little town than I have like this; maybe it’s because it was such an awesome, unforgettable, life-changing trip. Or, perhaps it is because all my life I have done the same old routes on boats; to Guernsey, Sark, or Cherbourg. I very rarely see new places and have to take it all in, but it certainly is nice to come back here, even for a couple of days preparing for the next leg down to Spain.

All our lives Lucie and I have had jobs, an income, somewhere to live and been able to go out for meals and drinks with friends but all the while being able to save a little money and not have to worry. Now we have no jobs; “non-employed, fun-employed”, call it what you will and we are setting off with what ever we have in our banks.

We paid a couple of big bills before we left, like travel insurance and filling up with Diesel and for a little bit of time it was slightly worrying how much money we were going through. Now we are trying to live how we had planned all along – cheaply. While we still have to fill up with Diesel occasionally and our finances may take a small hit, we can balance it out if we provision smartly, go fishing, diving or shop locally and above all live simply.

If luck smiles upon us though there may be a few clumps of Moules clinging to a mooring buoy, free for the picking which will provide us with a feast fit for a King! We ought not to rely on this as a guarantee, but when we do happen upon a free, if not very cheap dinner we can sleep easy in our bunk for another week.

We are constantly looking at the weather forecasts planning for our next leg. Wind direction and force, swell and tides all must be taken into account. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us and we have got it right! It looks like we might have a day of no wind in the middle but we shall see. We have stocked up with provisions and water, caught up on some sleep, decided the weather-window is there and we are leaving later on today; aiming for La Coruña- Spain!


One thought on “Biscay Calls

  • June 21, 2018 at 08:27

    Hello Jake & Lucie
    Seems you’re enjoying your adventure.
    If you do go into Vigo, or maybe Baiona and would like to make contact with Emma, let me know
    Emma knows the area really well and knows how to live on a budget! She is English but has lived there most of her life
    Best wishes Leslie & Linda x


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