Ben Turner – “Pocket Rocket”

Vessel: “Pocket Rocket”

Skipper: Ben Turner

Type of Vessel: 4.8m Tornado RIB, Powered by a 60hp Suzuki

How often do you sail ?

During the summer months we try and get out on the boat at least 2 or 3 times a week, often it will be a short bay hop around to Saye bay for a swim. As we got the boat quite late last season we hope to use her a little more next summer and stretch her legs a little more and build our confidence!

What has been your most favourite voyage ?

Late last summer Jake and I took the boat around Alderney for the first time, it was nothing for Jake but for me and my new boat it was a big deal. As we rounded the South Side of the Island we spotted a pod of dolphins about half a mile up the coast. I put the hammer on and they were still feeding, we spent about an hour gently floating around while they played with each other.

Where to in the 2017 ?

Plan on exploring some of Alderney’s neighbouring islands or Sark & Herm. Hoping on early starts but long days out finding some blue water bays dotted around their coastlines.

Most embarrassing moment on the water ?

A few years a go when I had my old small speedboat, I had replaced the steering cable that connected the steering wheel to the engine, however when she was launched I realised the I had threaded the cable around the wrong way in the steering console. Subsequently found that turning right meant we went left and vice verser! We definitely didn’t let it stop us that day and we had a great day in Cardiff bay!

When we meet for Sundowners, what is your signature food or beverage ?

Fresh Mackerel & Brewdog Punk IPA!

What would be your ideal boat ?
If money was no object, I would have a Moody 54DS, the open saloon area is like that of a large catamaran but super big and super luxurious for a monohull! Check out this video!


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