Barefoot Creations

Today we launch Barefoot Creations!

Barefoot Creations is about making beautiful things out of something that was once discarded into the sea; bottles, portholes, marbles…anything glass. Tumbled and caressed under the waves for years on end, beautiful pebbles of sea glass magically find their way onto Alderney’s stunning shores. This is where I, along with friends and family collect these gemstones from the deep by hand.

This is the way I create my jewellery – by hand. The sea glass is never tumbled or altered in anyway; it is all hand-collected straight from the shore and designed and made by myself, whether it be set in silver or drilled and hung from a leather cord. 

There are many different designs produced by Barefoot Creations – rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles and earrings and more to come! All silver items are made with either 100% sterling silver or 100% Argentium silver and, just as it is collected, made right here in Alderney.

Keep a close eye on these Barefoot Creations pages for new and exciting pieces created by me!

And of course, please see our online shop where you can purchase my jewellery and support our grand adventure.

Love Lucie X


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