<id=”ia_info_top”>We look forward to the day when we can all get Internet worldwide no matter what stretch of water we are crossing. That we can not only keep up to date with weather and safety warnings but continue to follow other like minded adventurers. And there are a lot of us out there !!!

Below are some intrepid adventurers that are following their dreams and sharing their adventures with us. Please follow the links to their pages and enjoy their travels and be motivated  as we have been.

Sailing La Vagabondesv DelosSailing NandjiSailing UmaWhite Spot Pirates

Sailing La Vagabone

Two Australians cruising the world in their 43 foot Beneteau. And if we follow their travels closely enough, I believe soon to be an Otremer Cat. Well done guys !!


Sailing and Scuba Diving Around The World!

These guys have been at it for 7 years. Some crazy adventures and amazing dive locations. Home brew solutions and some amazing videography. Well worth a visit.




A couple of Aussies traveling the east coast of Australia in a pretty little yacht. Currently in Brisbane and getting ready for the next leg of their adventures.




Sailing Uma

A young couple that set forth from the US down into the Carribean. I love the innovation these guys have shown with their builds and repairs. Especially the electric engine setup. I return to their site regularly looking for updates on this innovative engine option. Would love more details on the engine battery life etc.



This is a German lass (Nike Steiger) solo sailing a yacht called Karl that she did some REALLY hard work on to get back into the water…..and from Panama. Inspiring to say the least.