Adventure Progress – Week 2018_06

Good Morning Crew!

It’s been a busy week for us this week, with both of us working 8 hour days. The odd evening working behind the bar and all spare time down on the boat. 

The new port lights. what a view!
The old musty port lights which are unable to be opened and cannot see out of

Ragtime is slowly coming along. This week Lucie has been cleaning inside all the empty lockers and given a lick of paint. They already look so much brighter.

I have been busy fitting new Portlights. As you can see from the photographs, The difference is amazing. 

I have also been designing/ making a new Nav station switchboard. It’s taken quite a lot of work but It should result in more light in the aft cabin, and hopefully a much simpler, more efficient system.

Photos soon next week !

On A Roamer news. I received a very exciting message through the site asking my plans for A Roamer. But more on that if it happens! My plans were always to keep her, for one day to perhaps give to my kids as she is perfect for someone who wants to learn to sail. Already with so many memories.

But I do not have plans to have kids any time soon. And by the time they are old enough to use A Roamer could be 20 years time. Which is a long time to leave a boat on the hard. Especially a wooden one.

I rebuilt her after 10 years of being out the water and that was a BIG job. Let alone another 10 years on top of that. 

We have recently taken our pilot book for all harbours and anchorages in Spain and Portugal down to the Alderney Sailing Club. We left a little note asking if anyone has sailed or traveled anywhere down the coast if they would like to recommend anywhere for us to visit. Very much looking forward to seeing what entries are in the book!

If any of you have thoughts on stops along the Spanish coast, please leave a comment or email us. Every little bit of advice is appreciated. And we certainly want to experience everything Spain has to see.

Right folks, I have work in 20 minutes and need another coffee before heading off. 

I almost forgot! We have an awesome deal on the shop! These cold winter days we have decided to put on a little offer of 10% off our beanie hats. Use the name of the boat we are taking sailing this year for the discount code! 


Lots of cleaning to do before putting everything back together
What used to be the 110V switch panel. Which we are thinking of maybe making into a cork board to put polaroid photos on from our travels?



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