About Barefoot Boat Bums

Barefoot Boat Bums came about initially by accident. Two great mates regularly got out on the water around the many great islands in the Bay of St Malo. Both living on Alderney (alas one of them was a Welshman) making it the perfect gateway to sail the Channel, The Bay and the northern Atlantic (incl. Spain and Portugal). What a brilliant little island…well in Summer at least 🙂

Anyway…one day after an afternoon swim and whilst preparing the evenings Mackerel catch for dinner there was an inadvertent wet footprint on the duckboards…. The Barefoot Boat Bums was born.

With such a great location and the waters surrounding the island proving to be great training grounds the ever expanding group of people now known as The Barefoot Boat Bums range further and further whilst they all develop a strong sense of sailing etiquette and constantly think of innovative ways to improve the sailors lot.

[Insert photo of footprint here !]

Read more about the founding members in the articles below.

Jake Woodnutt – ‘The Foot’ and “A-Roamers” skipper

Ben Turner – The Mackerel King (aka The Welshman) and skipper of “Pocket Rocket”